We know that many people are looking for a property management service that cares for properties as if they were their own.

And that's why we started Wits Property Management!

Our turn-key property management service means we do the work, not you.

All you have to do is review your accounting report once a month and approve non-mandatory maintenance expenses.

Leasing includes:

  • Marketing vacant properties

  • Screening potential tenants

  • Executing leases

Management includes:

  • Collecting rent

  • Coordinating maintenance

  • Accounting for all transactions

  • Sending certificates of rent paid to tenants

  • Sending owners 1099s for rent received on their behalf

  • Distributing owner funds monthly via direct deposit, and

  • Emailing/uploading accounting reports for each property monthly.

"As soon as Wits Property Management took over, most of the stress and time it takes to manage our property just evaporated. We would be burnt out had they not stepped in to help us."

Ryan C., CPA in Minneapolis

Wits Property Management
Frequently Asked

What software do you use?

We use Appfolio, a full-service, web-based, industry-leading platform. 

Would there be one manager specifically assigned to my property?

Our structure does not follow the typical property management company. We model ourselves after tech companies and have team members who create remarkable experiences for our tenants. Having a property manager who handles everything at a property for 50+ properties is how things get missed and creates a bad experience for everyone.

How do tenants make maintenance requests?

Through the Appfolio tenant portal . We also have a 24/7 number that they can use.

Are there any set up or other hidden fees?

There are no setup fees, and no hidden or junk fees.

Everything is included in our standard fees. We are a full-service property management company.

Are regular inspections performed on the property?

Each property gets a full inspection every Spring and Fall.

Here is the inspection sheet we use: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

How do you set rents?

We use market data and compare what units are on the market to what we have available to make sure we’re priced appropriately. If you'd like a free rent analysis, click here.

How do you handle end of leases, do you have a standard process?

As the end of a lease approaches, we review every single tenant and determine if we’d like to offer them another year lease, not renew their lease, or go month-to-month as a sort of review period.